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​My career began in the music industry as a Producer / Engineer. ​I worked for my family's film company from 2006 to 2014 as a Graphic Designer / Film Editor / Special Effects Specialist before venturing out on my own.


Ten Fourteen A/V was formed in Autumn 2015 ​when I ​jumped behind the camera full time.

Ten Fourteen A/V began with just one camera ​and a tripod.

​Our mission was simple: ​Provide the absolute best footage possible to the players and the coaching staff. 
​The first year of business saw us film for ​3 organizations with a total of 11 teams.

​As word spread and demand for our services grew, ​we began the long arduous task of seeking talent behind the camera that could meet our high expectations.​​


We now have a staff of 10 as well as a revolving door of the best up and coming talent ​in the field. ​Currently our film has been used on Fox Sports as well as several local news affiliates. An ever growing number of athletes we have had the privilege of filming for have gone on to play in college and professionally. 

We continue to innovate and evolve as ​the world changes. We pride ourselves in being current with technology and techniques.

Ten Fourteen A/V looks forward to a ​bright future ahead.​